Concealite Life Safety Products

Cost Savings :: Performance Comparisons

We can quickly provide you a complementary lighting layout of our products compared with any interior or exterior EM fixture(s) that you commonly specify -- and we will demonstrate the costs savings to you.     Send us  your CAD file and let us help you reduce your life safety expenditures.

Cost Savings Example:  

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Lighting Layout


Our F5000 Emergency Lighting vs. Market Fixture Model

Emergency Fixtures :: Reduced Project Costs

Value engineering often means specifying the lowest priced product, but typical off-the-shelf or “bug eye” style emergency lighting costs more than you may realize.   These type of fixtures can result in significant expenditures including purchase price and shipping costs, installation labor, maintenance, and replacement costs.   So, in reality, you end up having to use a whole lot of the cheaper fixture to at least achieve Code -- as opposed to going through the steps of using a better product, using fewer of them, and actually cutting the cost of the job. 

We consider the project in terms of aesthetics, installation costs, fixture longevity, ease of testing, and Code illumination.   Meet Life Safety Code, and reduce your project costs with the added benefit of a quality, UL listed, concealed emergency lighting fixture.  Our experts in Life Safety are ready to assist you.   Contact our Lighting Layout Specialist