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Installed Conceal X Series

The CONCEAL X Series collection of exit signage provides industry first solutions by completely concealing the exit sign within the wall finish. Blending into wall materials, working in conjunction with high-performance electronics and interfacing the exit signs within the wall interiors make this Concealite collection the most appealing premier choice for designers with the highest standards.


Concealite's completely concealed CONCEAL X Series of architectural exit signs are the most ideal solution in exit signs. They are uniquely created to complete the most prestigious interiors with uncompromised results. The CONCEAL X Series utilizes high-output indirect LED technology, and offers ease-of-installation and dependability. The CONCEAL X exit signs provide a completely recessed out-of-view enclosure that operate with a parabolic reflector system designed to produce the most uniform lighting performance. The concealed patented design satisfies the designers by completely concealing the exit sign housings.

CONCEAL X ultra thin exit sign face plate disappears upon installation, reducing the only exposed element to the code required illuminated EXIT lettering to boldly distinguish the path of egress. These face plates are flush mounted and will blend into wall materials. The exit sign enclosure is designed to be finished "in the field" as part of all final wall finishing applications. Concealing within wall finishes including any paint, fabric, wall paper and even concrete block!

The CONCEAL X Series exit signs are configured standard for self-powered, NiCad battery backup. Options: self diagnostic (SD) System and optional "AC only."

The CONCEAL X Series exit signs offer the easiest universal "in the field" selection to configure any arrow / chevron combination of right, left, both or no arrows as needed for each installation location. The exit sign face plates are selected "in the field" to allow for completely concealing unused arrows, by blending into the final wall finishes.


Features of Conceal X Series
  • Architectural 3D signage graphics
  • Attractive and tougher polycarbonate vandal-resistant twist-lock dimensional lettering which with integral NiCad battery and charger is more than 20 times thicker than the competitors thin panels.
  • Housing recessed back box is constructed from durable powder-coated 20 gauge steel.
  • The flush face plate is a thin 20 gauge steel factory-primed for concealed and flush mounting which easily blends into gypsum board type wall surfaces.
  • The face plate is factory primed prepared to receive "in the field" finishing, (select separate model number for concrete block versions).
  • Unique to Concealite, "in the field" selectable concealed chevrons are standard. Unused chevrons are easily covered and disappear during the application of chosen wall area finishing.
  • RETROFIT FRIENDLY! CONCEAL X standard feature design is installed in retrofit applications as easily as new construction.
  • NEW YORK CITY LISTED 8" high illuminated red exit signage option for New York City code requirements.

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