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Concealed UV Disinfecting Lighting System

UV Series, Concealed UV Disinfecting Lighting System

Our compact, virtually invisible UV Disinfecting Lighting System enclosures, powered by Violet Defense® technology, preserve the integrity of architectural or interior designs, without sacrificing security and performance. We are the very first to offer concealed, UV disinfecting systems ... in fact, we invented it! With over two decades of experience developing and manufacturing unique concealed fixtures, Concealite remains the top choice for design professionals.

  • Public Restrooms
  • Surgical Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Laboratories


Concealed UV Sanitizing Lights

Typical UV disinfection lighting fixtures are obtrusive and interrupt the aesthetic beauty of interior designs. Concealite has applied their patented concealed technology to the PURO UV Disinfection Lighting Helo F1 Fixture, powered by Violet Defense® technology, offering a beautiful and vandal-resistant alternative to visible surface mount disinfection lighting. Only when the commercial or residential PURO Helo F1 is activated, does the UV disinfection light become visible and rotates 180 degrees to begin disinfecting. The result is a clean, almost invisible installation, that does not conflict with your interiors.

UV Disinfection

The PURO Helo F1 uses broad spectrum UV-C, UV-B, and UV-A light to inactivate bacteria and viruses. It has a single UV Light Engine with pulsed Xenon lamp for up to a 10' x 10' ft coverage area.

Architectural Features

  • Designed for commercial and residential applications.
  • Standard, white powder coat finish; units may be customized in the field using paint, wallpaper, or applique finishes.
  • No minimum order for factory custom powder coat finish (U.S. RAL # Required).
  • Compact, completely self-contained units.
  • Enclosures are vandal-resistant.
  • Designed for wall or ceiling installations, including gypsum board, plaster, concrete, brick, or acoustical tile.
  • Fully automatic operation. Door is operated by a 12vDC motor, with an integrated gear head operated by the buildings' 120vAC, 60hz branch circuiting.
  • UV lighting systems can be manually controlled or integrated into building management control networks via CAT5 cable system.

Watch It Work

Product Brochure

Download the UV Series, Concealed UV Disinfecting Lighting System product brochure. Download and read more about the integrated Puro Helo F1 Disinfection Lighting.