Fire Alarm Quote

Fire Alarm Quote Request for Contractors/Installers

Step 1:   Information

Click here to download the Conceal-Alarm Information Packet which provides guidelines for use and approval of our products.

Step 2:   Approvals

First time quote/order requests from Fire Alarm contactors and Fire Alarm system companies are required to request a review for formal authorization approval to sell and / or provide Concealite products. Please submit your corporate credit information and W9 to Approvals normally take 5-7 business days.

Step 3:   Quote / Order

Approved Fire Alarm contractors and Fire System companies may request a quote and place an order for our products. Approved companies are asked to provide a completed quotation form (below) and the project drawings, including title block. Quote requests are only accepted via our website; we do not provide quotes over the phone. Incomplete project quote requests may result in no response; so, please provide all information as outlined here to ensure a response. Our quote department will process your quotation within 48 hours, during normal business hours.

Thank you!

Quote Request Form

Please fill in all fields marked with a star to request a quote. You must press the Request Quote button when done filling in the blanks.

Before you begin ... locate a file containing the project drawings with title block.

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Project Information

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Upload:   Project drawings with title block.


Primary Specifier [Architect]

Primary Specifier [Electrical Engineer]

Quotations are valid for 60 days. Freight is prepaid and charge or collect.