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Conceal X Series: Concealed Exit Signs

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  • Conceal X Series
  • Conceal X Series
  • Conceal X Series
  • Conceal X Series
  • Conceal X Series
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Our Conceal X series collection of concealed exit signage provides industry first solutions by completely concealing the exit sign within the wall finish. The Conceal X blends into wall materials for the most appealing results in conjunction with high-performance electronics. Interfacing the exit signs within wall interiors, makes Concealite the premier choice for designers' highest requirements.

Concealite's completely concealed Conceal X series of Architectural Exit Signs offer the most ideal solution in concealed exit signs. Uniquely created to complete the most prestigious interiors with uncompromised results. Our concealed exits utilize high-output, indirect LED technology, and offer ease of installation and dependability. The Conceal X exit signs provide completely recessed, out-of-view enclosure and operate with a parabolic reflector system designed to offer the most even uniformity in lighting performance. The completely recessed, concealed, patented design satisfies the Designers' needs by allowing wall finishes to completely conceal the entire exit sign.

The Conceal X ultra thin exit sign face plate disappears upon installation, reducing the only exposed element to the Code-required illuminated EXIT lettering to boldly distinguish the path of egress.

Concealed face plates are designed for flush mounting to be blended into wall materials. The exit sign enclosure is designed to be finished "in the field" as part of all final wall finishing applications including any paint, fabric, wallpaper and even concrete block!

The Conceal X series exit signs are configured standard for self-powered, NiCad battery backup. Options: self diagnostic (SD) System and optional "AC only."

The Conceal X series exit signs offer the easiest universal "in the field" selection to configure any arrow / chevron combination of right, left, both or no arrows as needed for each installation location. The exit sign face plates are selected "in the field" to completely conceale unused arrows, by blending into the final wall finishes.

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